Nadine’s Travel Blog, Part I

Written by Nadine Nemec

Water is the theme of my journey to Europe this time; it has been a key part of my life so I decided to plan a vacation around it. During my several decades with CMS, I have developed long-distance relationships with firms in Spain, France and Germany so I coupled visits to them along with …Continue Reading

The Fountain at Dilworth Park – Act II, The Pulse

Written by Roy Kaplan

CMS always enjoys the opportunity to collaborate with artists, and Janet Echelman is an exceptionally unique and creative artist. We teamed up with both the Echelman and Olin Studios to develop Janet’s vision of different colored, 4-foot tall curtains of glowing mist that would represent the subway trains as they travel below the plaza. Janet …Continue Reading

Award of Excellence: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Campus

Written by Pam Pasotti

In keeping with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation mission to “help all people live healthy and productive lives”, the new Iris Campus in Uptown Seattle was created with an outdoor work environment that displays a true intersection of everyday function and global ambition. The project has earned the distinction of being the largest LEED Platinum …Continue Reading

Salt Lake City’s Historic City Creek Inspires Center’s Design

Written by Pam Pasotti

The developer of City Creek Center’s 23-acre site, City Creek Reserve Inc., had a mandate to recreate the feeling of the natural creek that historically ran through the area. To that end, CMS worked with SWA’s San Francisco office to determine the aesthetics of the site’s streams and the cascades’ stone massings. For the cascades, …Continue Reading