Salt Lake City’s Historic City Creek Inspires Center’s Design


by Pam Pasotti


The developer of City Creek Center’s 23-acre site, City Creek Reserve Inc., had a mandate to recreate the feeling of the natural creek that historically ran through the area. To that end, CMS worked with SWA’s San Francisco office to determine the aesthetics of the site’s streams and the cascades’ stone massings.

For the cascades, a full-scale mock-up was created near Salt Lake City using 14 tons of native sandstone boulders to create the 18-foot high cascades and adjustments were made in order to produce the desired water effect of a 2,500 gpm flow over the boulders. Those boulders were then numbered and transported 30 miles to be reassembled at the project site.

Learn more about City Creek Center, the first shopping center to achieve LEED-ND Silver, here: