Tanner Springs Park

Location: Portland, Oregon

Client: Atelier Dreiseitl / Green Works PC

Year of Completion: 2010

Area: 1 acre


  • ULI Urban Open Space Award Finalist, 2012
  • ASLA Merit Award Oregon Chapter, 2006

Tanner Springs Park in Portland, Oregon with client Atelier Dreiseitl is another project that demonstrates the creative use of environmental technology. Part wetland, part art installation, this urban park reflects the history of the old Tanner Creek. A man-made spring was fine-tuned, both visually and audibly, to create an interplay between the cascading water, surrounding stones, native grasses and trees. The park is self-contained with none of the surface storm water flowing to the surrounding streets. Rainwater seeps into a biotope that filters the water before it reaches an underground holding tank. Underground, the water is treated with ultraviolet light before it bubbles up to the surface through the spring. The design saved the city of Portland 50% of the usual filtration equipment costs, and the pond water will irrigate the grasses and trees.